Wednesday, April 15 - 12:00 p.m.

“We are grateful that Niagara Public Health has declared the outbreak on Sunrise Court as resolved. Much thanks goes to the diligent work of our staff and the teamwork that they have shown. We are thankful, to date none of our residents have received a positive test result for COVID-19. This a testament to our staff taking the home precautions to heart. We remain vigilant in this time and continue to maintain all precautions.”

Monday, April 13 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  Are all staff being tested?  
A.  We are holding testing opportunities for staff, twice a month, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of having testing done on site.  

Q.  When did staff start wearing PPE?
A.  Staff were always required to wear full PPE (masks, gloves and gowns) when performing care procedures for residents being monitored and in isolation in their rooms due to exhibiting symptoms. Beginning on April 3rd all staff were required to wear facial masks during the entirety of their shifts in the home areas.

Q.  Is there enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
A.  The short answer is yes, we have enough PPE. We monitor our PPE usage daily and have resources in place for any PPE that may be deemed critical. These resources include direct contacts with our nursing supply vendor, Niagara Public Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care.  We are very thankful for the volunteer work done by many to make fabric face masks as well.

Q.  Have staff screening been enhanced?
A.  Enhanced staff screening has been in place since March 14th. All staff are required to self-monitor at home before coming to Shalom Manor. Upon arrival they can only enter work through the front door and are required to go through active screening.

Q.  Are temperatures being taken twice per day?
A.  Yes, both residents and staff are required to have their temperatures taken twice per day. Staff temperatures are taken at the beginning and the end of their shifts. Resident temperatures are taken once in the morning and once in the evening.
Q.  Can I visit my loved one who is palliative?
A.  One person at a time (two people per day) who has been designated by the family as the essential visitors are allowed in the building once a day to visit a resident who is very ill or requiring end-of-life care.  The designated visitor must get advanced approval by the Home, must pass the daily screening procedure, and must visit only in the resident's room.  Once the visitor leaves the building they cannot return until the following day.