Shalom Manor is allowed to maintain a funding total for each resident amounting to approximately $205.00 per resident per day.  Part of this amount (32%) comes from the residents themselves through monthly resident co-payments.  The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) provides funding envelopes (60%) consisting of Nursing and Personal Care, Program and Support Services, Raw Food and Other Accommodation.  The remainder (8%) comes from other sources such as donations and rent.

The Nursing Envelope is adjusted annually based on a CMI (Case Mix Index) classification system.  Shalom Manor's resident charts are reviewed annually by classifiers who determine the level of care from which the Index is obtained.  The levels of care are based on a stringent set of criteria.  Unfortunately, the funding received through this mechanism never covers the cost incurred to provide the superb care our residents deserve.

The basic amount paid by a resident is $56.14 per day, although those with lower incomes may qualify for a subsidized rate based on their income.  Residents in private rooms pay an additional $18.00 to $21.50 per day for "preferred accommodation." 

There is a detailed reconciliation and audit process to ensure that the funding is used in the appropriate envelopes.  The MOHLTC now allows money to flow between envelopes, with an exception to the Raw Food envelope.  Funds provided through the Raw Food envelope have to be spent on Raw Foods, funds not spent will have to be sent back to the Ministry.  Shalom Manor has always overspent all of the envelopes, especially nursing.  This is mainly on account of higher than average staffing levels, the obligation of the home to provide more than mediocre care. Shalom Manor also spends significantly more on food that then the $7.80 per day allotted to each resident.

Shalom Manor is a not for profit organization that is fortunate to be supported by a community of member churches who provide additional charitable donations.  It is anticipated that our recently formed Legacy Endowment Fund will allow us further funding support to maintain our programs, pay our debt loads incurred by the recent rebuilding project of Shalom Manor and Gardens, and provide funding for capital projects.

Occasionally, the MOHLTC provides on-time funding for special equipment, programs or staffing.  A recent incentive was the availability of money to purchase new lifts and provide training for staff.  Shalom Manor considers it crucial to remain aware of incentives for funding when possible.  Shalom Manor belongs to the Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OAHNSS), an organization which lobbies for the interests of our long term care community, and provides information and advice to its members.