Shalom Gardens Philosophy of Resident Care


  • We believe, as a Christian Community, in the value of Christian principles for our daily lives, as found in the Word of God:

Therefore, our environment and programs are designed to encourage and demonstrate the knowledge and experience of these Christian principles.  Living according to these principles we recognize and respect the culture, ethnicity, family traditions, community language and spiritual beliefs of each individual.

  • We believe we are created in the image of God and that each individual being is unique and of infinite value:

Therefore, the quality of daily experiences should reflect Christ-like compassion, human dignity and respect for each individual.

  • We believe in a Christ-centered lifestyle and organization:

Therefore, we strive to create a wholesome Christian atmosphere through worship and study programs, daily devotions and pastoral services.

  • We believe in the importance and value of qualified, content and fulfilled staff:

Therefore, we encourage ongoing education to all staff members, providing them with a safe and challenging environment, respectful of their needs and spiritual well-being.

  • We believe in the value of Christian stewardship:

Therefore, we promote and support the concept of responsible management, providing quality care and services on a non-profit basis, in partnership with government and community programs and services, using our gifts and resources from God to their fullest potential.

  • We believe we are all part of a broader Christian community:

Therefore, we encourage involvement of volunteers to enhance the quality of life for both the residents and the community.