Shalom Manor Mission Statement

Using Christ as our example, providing a continuum of excellent wholistic care for our aging Reformed Christian Dutch-Canadian community through dedicated and knowledgeable staff and volunteers

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Shalom Manor Vision Statement

A Christ-centred journey in a loving community

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Shalom Manor Values 

Christian                      Accountable
Collaborative            Knowledgeable
Caring                         Adaptable



End of Life Care

As a Christian organization, foundational to our work is the conviction that human life is a gift from God from the beginning of life until natural death. This grounds our commitment to provide the best end-of-life and palliative care possible in our organization. This is also why we reject any medical procedure that intentionally terminates a human life; it is contrary to Holy Scripture and thus incompatible with the Mission and Values of our organization.

In keeping with our Mission and Values we commit to assisting each dying person in our care and their loved ones to:

  • Make informed decisions about their end of life care.
  • Receive effective pain and symptom management to lessen pain and suffering
  • Access high-quality palliative care that encompasses support for the physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological dimensions of end-of-life for the dying person and their loved ones