Volunteer Opportunities


The volunteers of Shalom Manor & Gardens provide many services and programs which enhance and enrich the quality of life of our Residents. Varied opportunities are available to the interested volunteer, including:

  • Administrative Volunteer - if you have an interest or skill with computers, filing, answering phones or assisting with mailings, this job may be for you!  This is a great opportunity for those interested in the medical administration field or who have great organizational skills.
  • Breeze's Café or General Store Attendant - Our Breezes Café and General Store are both well-utilized areas within Shalom Manor by residents, family members, volunteers, staff and visitors. Most of our residents are unable to get out into the community to attend a coffee shop or shop for smaller items – so we bring it to them! Both areas are strictly volunteer-run and require dedicated volunteers who aren’t afraid to wear a smile!
  • Friendly Visitor - if you would like to develop a meaningful relationship with a resident who otherwise does not receive many visits from family or friends, then you should become a friendly visitor! This is an engaging opportunity for both the resident and the volunteer.  Visitors who choose to work with residents who are more cognitively impaired will receive training in hand-massage, sensory stimulation and Montessori-based techniques.
  • Mealtime Partner - there are several age-related changes that make feeding oneself difficult for many residents living in long-term care. We offer in-house training to help you understand these changes and learn how to assist a resident to feed themselves. The goals of the program include maintaining adequate nutrition, minimizing excess disability and maximizing quality of life. Volunteers are instructed in the losses associated with dementia (amnesia, aphasia, agnosia and apraxia), role of the volunteer, social aspects of mealtime and eating practices and preventative measures. One of the most needed volunteer roles, we are always searching for Mealtime Partners.
  • Personal Hair Setting Volunteer - if you want to enhance a person’s self-esteem and make them feel beautiful, then this may be the position for you! Volunteers are needed to set resident’s hair in curlers. No experience required for this position, we will train you by pairing you with a more seasoned volunteer!
  • Portering Volunteer - many of our residents are in wheelchairs or require a volunteer to walk with them to special events in our auditorium, to the professional hair salon or to worship service. If you would like to accompany our residents to programs, this may be the opportunity for you! 
  • Recreation Assistant - between crafts, baking, socials, outings, sing songs, games, bowling and Bible study, our residents are kept quite busy! Becoming involved in our recreation department requires high energy and good interpersonal skills. 
  • Labelling/Sewing - provide support to the laundry department by assisting with labelling and tracking of residents' personal items and/or providing minor repair work on resident clothing.  We provide training.
  • Maintenance - ongoing maintenance assistance (plant care, painting, etc.) or small one-time projects.
There are more opportunities throughout our home in all of our departments. To receive more information, contact the Coordinator of Volunteers at 905-945-9631 ext. 1115 or through the form below:
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