Volunteer Program and Opportunities


     Volunteers are an integral part of the Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens multi-disciplinary care team, offering our residents an opportunity to take part in meaningful activities, providing a vital link to the community and simply by being a friend to our residents. We strive to provide a meaningful opportunity to each volunteer by way of utilizing individual skills to create a better quality of life for residents living in Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens.

     Listed below is additional information about our volunteer program:
·         Volunteer Opportunities
·         Join Our Team!
·         Application Form
     For more information about volunteering at Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, please contact:
     Coordinator of Volunteers
     Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens
     12 Bartlett Avenue
     Grimsby, ON L3M 4N5
     Phone: 905-945-9631 ext. 1115
     Fax: 905-945-1211

or you may use the form below to send a general enquiry to our Volunteer Coordinator.

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In order to fill in and e-mail the Application Form, your computer will need Adobe Reader 9 (or higher).  Upload the most up-to-date free version of Adobe Reader by going to Adobe Reader.  Click the Install Now icon and follow instructions to download Adobe Reader.

If you are still having difficulties with the e-mail button, you may choose to save the document to your computer and then attach the document to an e-mail and send it to info@shalommanor.ca.