Good afternoon,

I am happy to announce today some further easing of restrictions which have come into effect for Shalom Gardens (Assisted Living) effective immediately.  


  • Regardless of vaccination status, General Visitors will be permitted to visit Shalom Gardens if they pass active screening and testing requirements prior to entry

Restrictions in place for unvaccinated General Visitors

  • Unvaccinated General Visitors will be required to be tested each time before entering the home
  • Unvaccinated General Visitors must only visit in the Resident’s room and are not permitted to attend social gatherings

Easing of restrictions for Vaccinated General Visitors & Essential Family Caregivers

  • Vaccinated General Visitors and Essential Family Caregivers will be required to be tested every other day
  • Visitors (including EFCs) are required to wear surgical masks while visiting in the Home. Masks may only be removed when persons are 6ft away from others, to eat or drink

In order to maintain physical distancing which is required for all visits, the limit of 3 visitors at one time will remain in effect.  


  • The Ministry requires that every person who enters both a retirement and long-term care home in Ontario be actively screened and frequently rapid tested.
  • To help manage our busy home, General Visitors must pre-book their prescreening and rapid test time-slot prior to arrival. You can schedule your same-day visit by visiting:

Visitation Blackout Period No visitors will be allowed into the home between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 2:15 p.m. All visitors (including EFCs) will be denied entry during this time.  Our staff require parking spaces so they are not late coming into work, and can continue to provide uninterrupted care for your loved one. More parking spaces become available after 2:15 p.m. when morning staff leave, and afternoon staff are on the floors.

Entry Vaccination Requirement for LTC Remains Unchanged

Despite recent reports in the media about the lifting of vaccine mandates, vaccine mandates are still in place for the Long-term Care Homes. The above changes do not apply to Shalom Manor, in accordance with the Ministry.

Please be patient at the screening desk as we adjust to the increase in the numbers of people entering the home.  Please follow the physical distancing markers. If they are all taken, please patiently wait outside. Unfortunately, there have been multiple incidents recently where the front door screeners have been yelled at or treated in an unkind manner. While we understand many are becoming frustrated with the restrictions, the screeners do not have any control over the rules that are in place. To prevent frustrations at the door, please ensure that you share this information with anyone who may visit your loved one.

If you have questions regarding these changes, please contact the Gardens Care Coordinator (, or myself at (

Thank you for your continued patience and prayers as we navigate the changing restrictions.