Our final sweep of Mapleview residents was done on the weekend and unfortunately two additional residents tested positive.

We now have 15 positive residents on the home area. Residents who are negative have had their isolation precautions removed.

All of the positive residents remain on airborne isolation precautions.

For the time being the negative residents will stay in their rooms to prevent contact with a positive resident, and they will continue to receive meals in their room.

Once the majority of the residents are out of isolation and able to leave their rooms we will resume meals in the dining room, which we expect to happen on Friday morning.

The following visiting restrictions are still in place;

  • General visits and Leaves of absences are suspended, with the exception of medical or compassionate circumstances
  • One Essential Family Caregiver (EFC) can visit at a time

If you are an EFC visiting your loved one please follow the isolation signage on the door of the room.

If there are no changes we expect that the majority of the residents will be out of isolation at the end of the week.

The remaining positive residents will come out of isolation in several days depending on their positive date and whether they are symptom free.  

Thank you for your continued prayers for the staff and residents of Shalom as we navigate this outbreak.

John Peneycad