Current Outbreaks on Lakeview and Mapleview. Click "learn more" for  visiting information.

The home is currently free from outbreaks, click “learn more” for general precautions.

Last evening an asymptomatic Sunrise Court staff tested positive on a rapid test. Public Health has directed us to implement isolation protocols for all residents on Sunrise Court while the PCR swab result is pending. If this result is negative the residents on SC can be released from isolation. We have advocated with Public Health to limit isolation for our residents wherever possible, especially as we approach Christmas. However, due to the new Omicron variant they are taking a cautious approach.

We also received a positive PCR swab for the preliminary positive staff case on Mapleview, Mapleview residents remain in isolation and if there are no changes their isolation is expected to end on December 30th.

General visits and leaves of absences are suspended for Sunrise Court and Mapleview, up to 2 Essential Family Caregivers (EFC) can continue to visit.

If you are an EFC for Sunrise Court or Mapleview please consider coming in at mealtimes to help your loved one with feeding if they require this, this will be a great support to our staff.

Over the next few weeks you will see some changes in place at Shalom as we, anticipate a rise in cases over the Christmas season. These changes are as follows;

Rapid Testing: Everyone entering the building will be swabbed with a rapid test upon each entry to the building, this includes staff, visitors and EFC’s. This will continue for the 2 weeks following Christmas and will be re-assessed on January 10th, 2022. We have booked in extra staff to manage peak times, however, there may be a slight delay. Please plan extra time before your visit to obtain swabbing, and be patient with the front door screener.

Staff PPE: Due to the Omicron variant, Public Health is isolating any staff who come into contact with a COVID positive resident, unless they were wearing full PPE (Gown, gloves, surgical mask, eye protection), regardless of vaccination status. This is a new directive as of December 17th and is a change from what Public Health has done for our past outbreaks. Should we have a resident test positive, this would be devastating to our staffing levels if the staff were not in full PPE.

Therefore, effective immediately, all staff will be wearing full PPE when in contact with residents on any home area. This will be re-assessed 2 weeks after Christmas on January 10th.

EFC/Visitor Precautions: EFC’s and general visitors are not required to wear full PPE unless going into an isolation room. Your mask must stay on for the entirety of your visit, if you do not comply with this you will be asked to leave.

  • Please ensure that you are maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from our staff and other residents.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

Please keep the residents who are isolated in your prayers, and also the staff of Shalom as we continue to manage this outbreak.

If you have any encouraging words you would like to share with the staff or residents during this time that would be much appreciated.

You can put this in an email format, or drop a card off at reception and we will ensure the message gets passed along to the appropriate individual(s).


Celeste Pols Director of Resident Care