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COVID-19 Status

Shalom Manor – Outbreak Free
Shalom Gardens – Outbreak Free

General Visitors:  Must book their swab testing/arrival time online here: Please come at your scheduled time. Up to 4 people can visit at a time (including EFC’s) 

No visitors permitted from 1:30pm to 2:15pm.

Essential Family Caregivers: EFC’s do not need to book a testing time but cannot arrive to the home between 1:30pm and 2:15pm.

Outdoor Visits: Outdoor visits take place on our Gated Patio. Visits must be booked online here: or by calling reception if you do not have access to a computer or mobile device. (up to 10 people may attend a outdoor patio visit)

One person must be an EFC/General Visitor to enter the home to bring the resident from the Home Area to the patio and back to their Home Area. Please review the information on the booking page for more information.

Leaves of Absences: Please contact (Manor) or (Gardens), at least one business day in advance to schedule a LOA.

Everyone: You must wear your mask for the duration of your visit, and can only visit one resident per visit (unless visiting spouses). This is for contact tracing purposes, and to minimize the impact of a potential outbreak should a visitor test positive.

*It is crucial for visitors and EFC’s to notify us if they test positive or develop symptoms within 48 hours of a visit to the home. Notifying us allows us to take preventative measures, which in turns prevents outbreaks, visiting restrictions, and isolation of multiple residents on a home area. A staff member can be reached 24 hours a day by contacting extension 1413 (Manor) or extension 1415 (Gardens).

 Unfortunately there have been multiple incidents recently where the front door screeners have been yelled at or treated in an unkind manner. While we understand many are becoming frustrated with the restrictions, the screeners do not have any control over the rules that are in place. Please be kind to them

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Recent Updates

Suspect Outbreak – COVID-19 Gardens

Dear Gardens Families, On April 3rd we were notified that a resident in the Gardens  has tested positive for COVID-19. This has placed us into a suspect outbreak in the Gardens . Public Health has instructed us to do 2 swabbing sweeps, the first on Monday (April 4rd),...

Suspect Outbreak – COVID-19

April 2nd we were notified that a resident on the Mapleview home area has tested positive for COVID-19. This has placed us into a suspect outbreak on Mapleview. As a result, all residents will be isolated to their rooms. Public Health has instructed us to do 2...

Easing of COVID restrictions

Over the last few weeks there has been a number of announcements by the government that have eased restrictions in Ontario related to COVID-19. Many of these have been applicable to long-term care and retirement homes as well. Examples: Residents are allowed to take...

COVID -19 LTC Visitors update

Many of you may have heard reports in the media yesterday about further opening for LTC, please see below for upcoming changes at Shalom. Below you can also find a visiting reference guide which outlines the current visiting policies. Starting Monday March 14th...

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