Dear Supporters of Shalom Manor & Gardens,

We wanted to take a moment to provide you with a COVID-19 update and to thank you for the support you have shown as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

The Niagara Region has come out of lock-down and is currently Grey in the Provincial colour code system. Due to this, Shalom is open to visits from Essential Family Caregivers (EFC) only. When the region returns back to ‘Yellow’ status, pre-booked general visits to the home are able to resume. The Power of Attorney can register up to 2 EFC’s per Resident, one can visit at a time. Each time an EFC enters the building they must be screened at the front entrance, proceed to the Auditorium to be Rapid tested (swabbed) for COVID-19, and wait 15 minutes for their result before proceeding into the building. Swabbing is offered daily, including weekends, from 5:15am-5pm in the auditorium and is closed daily from 12:15-1pm for lunch. EFC’s must arrive during these times to obtain testing and must wear a mask, as well as a face shield, at all times while in the building.

If you are the POA for care and would like to sign up to be an essential caregiver OR designate someone else please contact (Shalom Manor-LTC) or (Shalom Gardens- Retirement).

We are thankful that over 98% of our residents have been able to receive their 2nd dose of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccination, and staff and EFC’s for Shalom Manor are once again able to register for their 1st dose of the vaccine. Staff and EFC’s that were previously able to receive their first dose are now starting to get confirmation dates for the second dose. For those under the age of 70 the 2nd dose is now taking place 35 days after the first dose, those over the age of 70 will receive their 2nd dose after 21 days.

If you are an Essential Family Caregiver and are interested in receiving the vaccine please contact Shalom Gardens EFC’s are not able to receive the vaccine at this point according to the Provincial vaccine rollout, however, please feel free to sign up and the booking information will be sent to you when it is available to us. In your email please indicate which resident you are an EFC for.

Staff are screened daily including twice daily temperature checks, and are swabbed up to 3 times a week, depending on their schedule. Staff continue to follow infection prevention and control measures such as; universal masking, frequent hand hygiene, and the wearing of eye protection when within 6 feet of a resident. All contractors must be swabbed and obtain a negative result before proceeding into the building.

Shalom continues to actively admit residents in collaboration with the Local Health Integration Unit (LHIN). New admissions remain in their rooms for 14 days under droplet & contact isolation precautions and must obtain a negative COVID-19 test near the end of those 14 days. This is to reduce the risk of a new resident spreading the virus to other residents. All Residents are monitored for symptoms twice daily, including twice daily temperature checks.

Please continue to keep Shalom in your prayers, as we continue to navigate through this pandemic.


John Peneycad, CEO