COVID-19 Status

Shalom Gardens – is clear of Outbreaks at this time.

All EFC’s & General Visitors must wait for their rapid COVID test results (15 minutes) before proceeding into the facility.

Garden General Visitors MUST NOW book their arrival time here:

No visitors permitted from 1:30pm to 2:15pm.

Unfortunately there have been multiple incidents recently where the front door screeners have been yelled at or treated in an unkind manner. While we understand many are becoming frustrated with the restrictions, the screeners do not have any control over the rules that are in place. Please be kind to them

**Please see March 2nd  COVID Update on the right and chart below for more details

    Covid outbreak protocol Green

    Recent Updates

    Sunrise Court Outbreak

    Dear Sunrise Court families, Unfortunately the COVID-19 outbreak has spread over the weekend and 15 residents are now positive or symptomatic for COVID-19. As a result, visits will be further restricted and only one essential family caregiver (EFC) is permitted per...

    Outbreak – Terraceview (resolved)

    I am happy to report that the Terraceview outbreak has been declared over! Residents who are positive for COVID-19 and their room-mates remain in isolation for a few more days. For all other residents, visiting and leaves of absences may resume as per previous...

    Terraceview Outbreak

    Dear Terraceview families, Unfortunately due to a 2nd resident testing positive on Terraceview we are now in a confirmed outbreak. As a result the following restrictions are in place: Non-essential leaves of absences are suspended for all Terraceview residents...