Resident Services

The Breezes Café

Come and visit Breezes Café! Located centrally on the Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens campus on our Main Street in Crossroads, this quiet area overlooking the front patio and central courtyard affords great opportunities for enjoying a refreshing drink or light lunch from Monday through Saturday. Volunteers are always needed to help staff the Café and allow us to expand the hours of operation. The Breezes Café is also open for special events.

The Breezes Cafe

The General Store

The General Store is located across from the Breezes Café on Main Street. The store offers Dutch delicacies, bread, milk, ice cream, other dairy products, and seasonal plants and crafts. The store is non-profit and is operated by volunteers. Net proceeds go to the Manor Resident’s council to fund outings, and upgrades to the Home.

Dietary Services

At Shalom Gardens, we take great pride in being able to serve nutritious and delicious home cooked meals to our residents. Dutch ethnic meals are our specialty! We are proud to support local vendors from our community. Our dietitian reviews all menus for its nutritional content. Lunch and Supper meals are served in the main floor dining room by our friendly and dedicated staff. Residents may invite family or friends to join them for a meal in the dining room. Breakfast is not available at this time.

Eet smakelijk!

Environmental Services

At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, we follow a proud tradition of cleanliness. Our team of dedicated staff takes pride in providing a clean, safe and pleasant home for our residents. Our home is fully secured with beautifully landscaped gardens and a large, enclosed courtyard with seating areas.

The temperature in each suite is individually controlled. All rooms are equipped with telephone, cable and internet outlets and are connected to the nurse-call system for added peace of mind.

Personal laundry is picked up on a regular basis in the morning and generally returned within 48-hours. There is also a coin operated washing machine on each floor for residents to do their own laundry if they prefer. We employ full time maintenance staff who are responsible for all maintenance and minor repairs in and around our home. Light Housekeeping is provided on a bi-weekly basis. Additional housekeeping package can be purchased.

We invite you to come and experience our unique ambiance for yourself.

Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

We believe that God goes with, blesses and makes fruitful the lives of those who are aging. We believe that our residents matter to God and that God matters to them. It is for this reason that not only the physical and emotional beings of our residents are cared for, but their spiritual beings as well.

Prayer and songs of praise to our Lord are on important part of each day at Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens. Prayers are offered and words of Scripture read at each meal time. At different times, night or day, the voices of visiting choirs fill the auditorium and adjoining hallways with sounds of music. On Sundays the auditorium becomes a Sanctuary, a holy place where residents gather to worship God. Through the week, our full time chaplain organizes the spiritual activities which take place in our home, visits with and cares for the spiritual well-being of our residents and is available to listen to the concerns of family members.

While our Chaplain plays a key role in providing spiritual care, he does not do this alone. All of our staff and employees are committed to the spiritual well-being of our residents. They will speak spiritual words of encouragement and some will pray with our residents. Staff will  alert the Chaplain of a resident’s spiritual need. Together, we are committed to excellence when it comes to providing spiritual care for our residents.

Chapel Stage

Recreational Therapy

The Recreation Department provides a variety of programming and services.  These programs include events that relate to the social, intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of seniors.

The Recreation Department offers a wide variety of programs including but not limited to exercise groups, socials, board/card games, baking and cooking programs, crafts, current events and discussion groups, educational opportunities, Bible Studies, special meals, and events such as choirs, bands and outings. Some programs require signing up in advance. Most programs are offered free of charge, however some outings and programs are offered at a nominal fee. A monthly calendar is posted in the Gardens Foyer, please speak to the Social Coordinator for more information.

Independent leisure pursuits are encouraged and supported at Shalom Gardens. Jigsaw puzzles, board and card games are always accessible. Shalom Gardens also provides an in-house library. Dutch large print books are rotated regularly throughout the home. There is also an English Large Print Borrowing Library offered to Residents in the General Store.

The following in-house services are offered:

  • Physiotherapy provides exercise Classes for strength and balance – three times per week
  • Hairdressing
  • Banking through Meridian Credit Union
  • Breezes Café
  • Beautifully maintained courtyard
  • General Store with a library stocked with English and Dutch books
  • Billiards
  • Auditorium for large gatherings
  • Activity Room
  • Weekly church services in the auditorium

Residents Council

Shalom Gardens has a well-established Residents’ Council. The purpose of the Residents’ Council is to maintain and facilitate communication between residents and Shalom’s leadership team and to promote fellowship amongst residents. The Council is encouraged to make recommendations, provide feedback and offer advice about the operation of the Home to the leadership team.

Any resident may attend Residents’ Council meeting and/or participate in Council-sponsored activities and are encouraged to do so! Meetings are held regularly, once every other month, or as determined by the Residents’ Council. On occasion, families, staff and community members attend these meetings but only if they have been invited by the Council. Minutes of every meeting are taken and posted in the Home. These minutes are available on the information bulletin board outside of the Social Coordinators office.

Nursing & Personal Care

The primary aim of the Nursing Department of Shalom Gardens is to maximize the independence of each resident and to provide as much support and comfort as possible.

The Department consists of the following staff:

  • The Care Coordinator who is responsible for the operation of the Nursing Department of the Gardens.  Residents and families are requested to direct their questions and concerns regarding resident care to the Care Coordinator.
  • Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and Resident Care Attendants (RCAs) are also on shift to provide assistance as needed.
Elder Care hands

Gardens Physician

Residents may retain their current family physician but are encouraged to transfer their care to the Gardens physician. If residents choose to retain their current physician, they will be responsible for making appointments and transportation to and from such appointments. In case of emergency, residents will be seen in the nearest available hospital emergency room or by the physician on call

Picture of doctor with sethoscope