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Resident Services

The Breezes Café

Come and visit the Breezes Café! Located centrally on the Shalom Manor & Gardens campus on our Main Street. This bustling quiet area overlooking the front patio and central courtyard affords great opportunities for enjoying a refreshing drink or light lunch from Monday through Saturday. Our volunteers are essential in helping staff the Café and allow us to expand the hours of operation. The Breezes Café is also open for special events.

The Breezes Cafe

The General Store

A variety and convenience store is located across from the Breezes Café on Main Street. The General Store offers Dutch delicacies, bread, milk, ice cream, and other dairy products and lekker herring for those with discriminating tastes. They also offer seasonal plants and crafts. The store is non-profit and is operated by volunteers. All proceeds go to the Resident’s council to fund outings, and upgrades to the Home, enriching the lives of those that live here.


Shalom Manor has five Home Areas – four of them, stacked on top of one another in ‘the tower’ – These Home Areas are named; Orchards, Sunrise Court, Terraceview, and Lakeview. Each of these Home Areas has 22 private accommodations and 6 semi-private. Our fifth home area, Mapleview, is located on the north side of the building has 32 private accommodations with direct access to the beautifully kept outdoor courtyard. Each resident accommodation is furnished with a bed, night table, chair, and a small dresser. You are encouraged to make your room your own personal space with the addition of items such as a TV and/or radio, phone, books, pictures/wall hangings, or a quilt/afghan.

resident's room

Dietary Services

Meal times are a very important part of a resident’s daily life, and at Shalom Manor, we take great pride in being able to serve nutritious and delicious home-cooked meals to our residents. Dutch ethnic meals are our specialty! We are proud to support vendors from our community. Our dietitian reviews all menus for their nutritional content. We offer an individualized approach to nutritional care rather than providing restrictive generic diets.

Meals are served in small intimate dining rooms by our friendly and dedicated staff. Residents may invite family or friends to join them for an intimate meal in their own Resident Home Area.

Snacks are served three times a day in each of the Resident Home Areas. Family and friends can bring their loved ones to the new Breezes Café for an excellent cup of thee or koffie and a treat (lekker gebakte). There are also many special events that take place throughout the year such as Theme Days and Holiday Celebrations, which provide residents and their families with an opportunity to socialize together. Food is always a big part of any celebration at Shalom Manor.

Meals Times:  Breakfast – 8:30am          Dinner 12:30pm          Supper 5:30pm

Our Dining Room

Eet smakelijk!

Environmental Services

At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, we follow a proud tradition of cleanliness. Our team of dedicated staff takes pride in providing a clean, safe and pleasant home for our residents. Our home is fully secured with beautifully landscaped gardens and a large, enclosed courtyard with seating areas.

Our personalized approach to living is reflected in the design of our home environments, with each area providing living spaces specifically created to enhance overall quality of life. The temperature in each room is individually controlled. All rooms are equipped with telephone, cable and internet outlets and are connected to the nurse-call system for added peace of mind.

Personal laundry is picked up on a regular basis in the morning and generally returned within 48-hours. Minor repairs to clothing are done free of charge for Shalom Manor residents while Shalom Gardens residents (with families) are responsible for their own repairs. We also employ full time maintenance staff who are responsible for all maintenance and minor repairs in and around our home.

We invite you to come and experience our unique ambiance for yourself.

Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy

At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, spiritual care is provided from the Christian perspective. We believe that God goes with, blesses and makes fruitful the lives of those who are aging. We believe that our residents matter to God and that God matters to them. It is for this reason that the auditorium is transformed into a worship space on Sundays, and the Chaplain’s office is centrally located on our premises.

At Shalom Manor & Shalom Gardens, the day begins, continues and is brought to a close with prayers offered and words of Scripture read at breakfast, lunch and supper. At different times, night or day, the voices of visiting choirs fill the auditorium and adjoining hallways with sounds of music. On Sundays the auditorium becomes a Sanctuary, a holy place where residents gather to worship God. Through the week, our full time chaplain organizes the spiritual activities which take place in our home, visits with and cares for the spiritual well-being of our residents and is available to listen to the concerns of family members.

Our Chaplain does not do this alone. All of our staff and employees are committed to the spiritual well-being of our residents. They will speak spiritual words of encouragement and some will pray with our residents. Staff will alert the Chaplain of a resident’s spiritual need. Together, we are committed to provide good spiritual care.

Chapel Stage

Recreational Therapy

Shalom Manor offers a variety of therapeutic recreation programs seven days a week and most evenings until 8:00 p.m. The programs offered are designed to emphasize a Christian and Dutch cultural environment, meeting the spiritual, physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs of each Resident. A monthly calendar is provided to all the residents and a copy is also available online and in the corridors of each home area.

Shalom Manor’s recreation staff offers a wide variety of programming including large and small group programs, active and passive sensory stimulation, Snoezelen, Montessori approach programming, exercises, board games and physically active games, worship services, Bible study, socials, reminisce programs, individual programs, arts and crafts, baking and cooking, sing-a-longs, pet therapy, special meals, outings, special events and Resident’s Council. Also offered are theme days, one being Sinterklaas Feest, when, as Dutch tradition has it, gifts are given to the Residents on December 5. Christmas remains a religious holiday. Recreation programs are adaptable to include all interested Residents.

Independent leisure pursuits are encouraged and supported at Shalom Manor. Jigsaw puzzles, board and card games are always accessible. Shalom Manor also provides an in-house library. Dutch large print books are rotated regularly throughout all home area library stacks. There is also an English Large Print Borrowing Library offered to Residents in the General Store. Residents have access to computers to play games, use the internet and e-mail. A volunteer is available to provide computer lessons, and with assistance some residents have been able to “locate their roots” in their native homeland.

The following in-house services are offered:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Hairdressing
  • Banking
  • Breezes Café
  • Beautifully maintained courtyard
  • General Store with a library stocked with English and Dutch books
  • Billiards
  • Auditorium for large gatherings
  • Activity Rooms and Lounges in each home area
  • Weekly church services in the auditorium

Recreational Calendars

If you want to view the full recreational calendars for Shalom Manor, click below.

Overlooking the water
painting station

Family Council


What is a Family Council?

Family Council is described as an organized, self-led, self-determining, democratic group composed of family and friends of the residents of Long-Term Care Homes. Shalom Manor has an active Family Council that is comprised of individuals who are family or friends of a Resident of Shalom Manor. The Managers of Programs and Support Services acts as the liaison to the Council.

What is the Role of Council?

The purpose of Family Council is to provide mutual support, empowerment and advocacy to the family and friends of the residents of Shalom Manor. This can be done by:

  • providing assistance, information, and advice to residents and their families;
  • offering advice to resolve disputes between the home and residents/families;
  • planning and sponsoring social and education events for families; and
  • assisting with fundraising activities to help to achieve the goals of the Home.

The Family Council may make recommendations, provide feedback, and offer advice about the operation of the Home. The Family Council is updated on inspection reports, financial statements, and operations, as appropriate.

Family Council Meetings

An individual who is of importance to a Resident of Shalom Manor is welcome to attend any meeting and is eligible to be a member of Family Council. Family Council meets once a month (except for July and August) and hosts education/social event for families, typically held on a Saturday in June. Family Council is always open to new members!

Your Family Council

The Family Council is available to all families and is often accessed by new family members who are going through the adjustment process and may have questions. If you would like to speak to a Family Council member who can provide you with a listening ear or provide recommendations, you are welcome to contact any member. Information about Family Council is available on the information board at the Cafe. Information includes recent meeting minutes, the date of our next scheduled meeting, and the list of Family Council members and their con-tact information.

Nursing & Personal Care

The Department of Nursing at Shalom Manor is a dynamic team of caregivers committed to providing the best in gentle, enhanced care. Each member of the team of RNs, RPNs and PSWs, contributes to the care planning process and the delivery of optimal care to benefit our residents. We believe in the holistic approach to address the physical, spiritual, psychosocial, emotional, and intellectual needs of each resident.

Each of our five resident home areas – Mapleview, Orchards, Sunrise Court, Terraceview and Lakeview – is led by Registered Practical Nurses. Home areas range from minimal assistance, to complex care, including an area for those who require the safety of a secure area. Shalom Manor practices least restraint in our home, following the MOLTC Act of minimizing of restraints and we take pride in being sector leaders in our approach to resident safety. Staff development is promoted through seminars and workshops provided both onsite and in the community. We are working closely with Niagara College to offer student placement opportunities at Shalom Manor.

If you would like to know more about Shalom Manor and explore employment opportunities in our nursing department please contact us.

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