Current Outbreaks on Lakeview and Mapleview. Click "learn more" for  visiting information.

Today I am happy to report that over the weekend we received all of our outstanding resident results for the Manor, and that there are no new cases to report.

All residents who have tested negative have been removed from isolation.

7 residents remain in isolation throughout the home due to testing positive for COVID-19 (1 on Mapleview, 4 on Orchards, 2 on Lakeview), by the end of this week we expect for all of these residents to be out of isolation.

If your loved one has tested positive for COVID-19 you have been notified.

Based on our last exposure date within the home we expect to be out of outbreak on Monday April 25th. At that time we anticipate that visiting will resume within the home, however, this is subject to change if any new cases arise.

Please do not come to the home for a general visit before receiving an email confirming that we are out of outbreak.

If your loved one is not in isolation you are able to take them outside for a walk. Your loved one must wear a mask until they are outside, once outside the residents mask may be removed, the EFC’s mask must remain on.

You can obtain a mask for your loved one by asking a staff member, or you can take one from the front entrance on your way into the home.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support during this time.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Celeste Pols, DRC