Dear Families,

I am happy to announce some exciting changes which will come into effect on Friday July 16th in accordance with Ministry of Health direction, please see below;

Swabbing-Fully Immunized EFC’s/General Visitors: Fully immunized (14 days since 2nd dose) EFC’s and General Visitors no longer need to be swabbed.

  • If you fall into this category your visits are no longer limited to swabbing hours.
  • If you have not already confirmed your vaccination status with us, please bring your proof of vaccination as well as a photo ID upon your next visit and we will add this information to our spreadsheet.
    • If you do not provide us with this information you will be considered unvaccinated.

Swabbing- Unimmunized/partially immunized EFC’s & General Visitors: Swabbing for those who are not fully immunized will continue to be completed upon each entry to the home.

Booking of Visits: Indoor Visits to the home no longer need to be pre-booked. However, if you are not fully immunized you must arrive to the home during swabbing hours which are 5:15am-5pm (closed from 12-1 for lunch). If you are not fully immunized and arrive outside of these times you will be turned away as there is no one available to swab you.

  • Indoor visits are limited to a maximum of 4 people at a time (including EFC’s). Children under 2 do not count as a visitor.

Masks: Masks are required for all EFC’s and general visitors, regardless of immunization status. The only exception to this is for fully immunized EFC’s/Visitors who are sharing a meal with their loved one.

Eye Protection: Eye protection is no longer mandatory unless your loved one is in isolation (regardless of immunization status).

Gates in Courtyard: Gates in the courtyard will be coming down so that all residents can enjoy the entire space, however, co-horting between different home areas is to be maintained.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we implement these changes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask,  

Celeste Pols- Director of Resident Care