Today, November 22nd, Public Health has placed Shalom Gardens in an upper respiratory outbreak of unknown origin.

Residents who are exhibiting symptoms have been placed into isolation, COVID-19 and multiplex testing has been completed and results are pending (multiplex testing will determine if the causative organism is a cold or flu virus).

In accordance with Public Health direction the following has been implemented

  • Group programming and outings have been cancelled
  • Gardens residents are not permitted to go on leaves of absences from the home unless for a medical or compassionate purpose (i.e: Medical appointment or funeral).
  • Residents who are not ill will continue to come to the dining room for meals. Plexiglass dividers will be used and dining room tables will be reconfigured to allow for physical distancing.
  • Residents who are not in isolation may continue to go outside for walks
  • Masks must be worn by residents at all times when in halls, and can only be removed when seated for a meal, or when outside.
    • Gardens residents are unable to sit in common spaces, such as the café area or lobby, as these are shared spaces with Shalom Manor.
  • The general store will remain open for residents who are not in isolation, if you are in isolation and need groceries please contact your family or the nurse on duty.
  • Important for families & visitors: General visits (indoor and outdoor) are suspended for Shalom Gardens. Essential Family Caregivers may continue, however, masks must be worn through the entire visit.
    • As a reminder, each resident can have up to 3 EFC’s, and these requests are processed by reception during business hours.
  • Gardens resident cannot go visit a Manor resident while we are in outbreak.

Please note that these protocols are subject to change, and further measures may be implemented if COVID-19 is the causative organism.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we appreciate your understanding and prayers during this time.

Thank you