Our Home is currently free from any Outbreaks. Click LEARN MORE for current COVID information.

Today we were notified that 2 residents on the Orchards home area have tested positive for COVID-19.

Only the high risk contacts of the positive residents have been isolated to their rooms at this time, if this applies to your loved one you have been notified.

Public Health has instructed us to do a swabbing sweep of all residents on Orchards tomorrow, with the exception of those who have tested positive in the previous 90 days.

As there are 2 resident cases and no known acquisition Public Health has declared this a confirmed outbreak.

Precautions that have been put into place:
One EFC is permitted to visit at a time, and will be swabbed upon each entry to the home. Please follow the isolation signage in place on the door.

General visits (both indoor and outdoor) and leaves of absences are suspended at this time.

Exceptions for leaves of absences may be made for residents who have had COVID-19 in the last 90 days and are considered clear.

If you are hoping to take your loved one out and they have had COVID-19 recently please contact me.

Leaves of absences for medical or compassionate purposes are always permitted.

Please pray that there will be no further spread and that the outbreak will be over quickly.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask,

Celeste Pols