Current Outbreaks on Lakeview and Mapleview. Click "learn more" for  visiting information.

Today I am happy to report that the Gardens outbreak is officially over!

I hope that everyone has been enjoying the resumption of visits at Shalom, a few reminders for general visitors and Essential Family Caregivers (EFC’s) below;

General Visitors: All general visitors must book their testing time online before arriving to the home, the link to book your testing time is here: Shalom Manor & Gardens General Visitors (

There were multiple general visitors who showed up without a testing time on the weekend and this caused the screening desk to be far too busy.

Your testing time can be booked right up until the time you wish to visit (depending on availability), so please do not enter the home without a testing time as you will be turned away.

There is important information that you enter during the booking process that we use for contact tracing, as well as your attestation that you will follow COVID protocols during your visit, such as wearing a mask.

If you do not have access to a computer you can call reception at extension 1100 during business hours to book your time.

Essential Family Caregivers: EFC’s do not need to book a testing time but cannot arrive to the home between 1:30pm and 2:15pm, over the weekend we had multiple EFC’s showing up at this time.

This is the time of our busiest staff changeover, when we have 20 staff arriving and 20 staff leaving. We need to have the staffing capacity to screen and swab them in, as well as parking spots for these staff.

EFC’s who showed up on the weekend at this time were let in, however, going forward you will be turned away.

For everyone: You must wear your mask for the duration of your visit, and can only visit one resident per visit (unless visiting spouses). This is for contact tracing purposes, and to minimize the impact of a potential outbreak should a visitor test positive.

We were not turning people away over the weekend as we knew everyone was excited to see their loved ones following the outbreak. However, going forward we will be turning people away.

Thank you for your continued understanding, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


Celeste Pols