Current Outbreaks on Lakeview and Mapleview. Click "learn more" for  visiting information.

We are experiencing a respiratory outbreak on Sunrise Court and Lakeview (floors 2&3) , the causative organism is currently unknown.

Residents who are symptomatic have been isolated to their rooms. If your loved one is symptomatic you have been notified.

For the duration of the outbreak Sunrise Court and Lakeview residents are not to mingle with residents from other home areas.

Residents in isolation can receive visitors in their room, visitors must follow the isolation signage on the door. LOA’s are suspended for residents in isolation.

There are no changes at this time to visiting or LOA’s for residents who are not in isolation. However, if these residents leave the home area for an LOA they must wear a mask until they get outside.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Celeste Pols, Director of Resident Care