Current Outbreaks on Lakeview and Mapleview. Click "learn more" for  visiting information.

Dear Families,

We are excited to announce some upcoming changes which will allow residents more opportunities to connect with their loved ones.

Please see below for more information, this applies to both Shalom Manor & Gardens.

All of the changes below will come into effect on Wednesday July 7th

Essential Family Caregivers (EFC’s): 2 EFC’s may now visit at a time. Fully vaccinated EFC’s only need to be swabbed every 3 days- this will mostly benefit those EFC’s who visit daily. EFC’s who are not fully immunized (14 days since 2nd dose) will continue to be swabbed upon each entry to the home. Please continue to submit proof of vaccination to

Outdoor Patio Visits: Residents can now have up to 10 visitors attend an outdoor patio visit, these visitors may now sit inside the gated patio area but are required to wear a mask when inside the gate regardless of immunization status.

These visits can be booked through the booking websites below;

MANOR – Long Term Care –
GARDENS- Assisted Living Apartments –

Indoor General Visits: 2 general visitors can now visit at a time, up to 2 Essential Family Caregivers (EFC’s) may also be present during these visits. These visits must be pre-booked and can be booked through the following link. Masks are required for all visitors, and eye protection is required for those who are not fully immunized.

  • All general indoor visitors will be swabbed with a rapid test upon entry to the home.

Gardens (retirement) –
Mapleview (1st floor) –
Orchards (1st floor) –
Sunrise (2nd floor) –
Terraceview (3rd floor) –
Lakeview (4th floor) –

Social Absences: Residents who are not fully immunized may now go on single day absences but are not permitted to attend overnight absences.
Fully immunized residents may go on an overnight absence but this must be approved in advance, you can get approval by emailing

Hairdressing: Not related to visiting but, the hairdresser will return to Shalom on Wednesday July 7th!

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